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#Sandusky : #Penn State rebuffs CNN request for records on 1998 Sandusky investigation

By Greg Botelho, CNN
December 19, 2011 -- Updated 0538 GMT (1338 HKT)
Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky is ecorted to his car while leaving the Centre County Courthouse, on December 13, in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.
Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky is ecorted to his car while leaving the Centre County Courthouse, on December 13, in Bellefonte, more

#Sandusky : 2002 Shower Incident CEO Were Never Informed

Former board members of Jerry Sandusky's charity say its CEO never told them about a 2002 shower incident that is the focus of child sexual abuse charges against the retired Penn State assistant coach. If they knew Sandusky had been banned from bringing kids on campus, they say they could have taken steps to better protect children a decade ago.

"Not one thing was said to us," said Bradley P. Lunsford, a Centre County judge who served on the Second Mile board between 2001 and 2005. "Not a damn thing."
If more information had been given to board members, they "would have asked the follow-up question: Why? You don't know? Who knows? Who can we talk to? Has this been reported to the police?" Lunsford said. "I guarantee you there would have been a competition among all those people to be the first to ask the question, `Why is he not allowed on campus?'"
Lunsford and four other former board members at The Second Mile point the finger at Jack Raykovitz, a close friend of Sandusky's who ran the charity until resigning following the former coach's Nov. 5 more

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#Sandusky :Retired detective describes 1998 Sandusky investigation - Believed charges warranted in case

Sunday, December 18, 2011

By Paula Reed Ward, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Retired University Park Detective Ronald Schreffler believed he had enough evidence in 1998 to charge then-Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky with something after the man admitted to a boy's mother to showering naked with her son.

"At the very minimum, there was enough evidence for some charges, like corruption of minors," Mr. Schreffler said on Wednesday, the day after Mr. Sandusky chose to waive his preliminary hearing on 52 counts that accuse him of molesting 10 boys over the last several years.

Instead, then-Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar told Mr. Schreffler he could not file charges. The detective said Mr. Gricar gave no explanation.

"You don't question Ray," Mr. Schreffler said, calling him the best prosecutor he'd ever worked with. "Ray was not a person to be intimidated. If he didn't feel the elements were there ..."

At the time, Mr. Gricar spoke to Mr. Schreffler's police chief, Tom Harmon, and that was it.
"'Gricar said there wasn't enough to charge, and he said to close the case,'" Mr. Schreffler recounted.

And that was it.

"I looked as far as I could with the facts that I had," he said. "I felt I did everything I could possibly do in the case.

"It was frustrating to say the least."

The 1998 investigation began when the mother of the boy known as Victim 6 in the grand jury presentment contacted Penn State Police.

According to the 23-page document, the boy met Mr. Sandusky when he was 7 or 8, at a picnic held by The Second Mile, the nonprofit he founded for at-risk youth. After that, Mr. Sandusky would invite him to tailgates, football games and other outings. The now-grown man testified that when he was 11 in 1998, Mr. Sandusky picked him up at home and told him they would be working out. They went to Penn State, where they lifted weights and played a ball game Mr. Sandusky had made up.

The two then began to wrestle, and afterward, Mr. Sandusky said they needed to shower, even though the boy said he wasn't sweaty, the grand jury document read.

"Victim 6 felt awkward and tried to go to a shower some distance away from Sandusky but Sandusky called him over, saying he had already warmed up a shower for the boy. While in the shower, Sandusky approached the boy, grabbed him around the waist and said, 'I'm going to squeeze your guts out,'" according to the presentment. "Sandusky lathered up the boy, soaping his back because, he said, the boy would not be able to reach it. Sandusky bear-hugged the boy from behind, holding the boy's back against his chest. Then he picked him up and put him under the showerhead to rinse soap out of his hair. Victim 6 testified that the entire shower episode felt very awkward. No one else was around when this occurred."

The boy's mother noted his wet hair when he got home, and he told her about the showering. She reported the incident to another Penn State police officer, who passed along Mr. Schreffler's number. She first contacted him on May 4 of that year.

The detective arranged with the woman to contact Mr. Sandusky and ask him to come to her house in the hopes of getting him to corroborate the boy's account and say something incriminating about his actions. He planned to listen in. Ahead of time, he wrote out a script for the mother to follow.

"I scripted it," he said. "'Ask him about the soap and the hair. Tell him he was upset,' to solicit more comments from him."

And then Mr. Schreffler and another detective listened in a room in the house less than 15 feet away. There were two conversations, on May 13 and then May 19.

In the first conversation, the mother "confronted Sandusky about showering with her son, the effect it had on her son, whether Sandusky had sexual feelings when he hugged her naked son in the shower," according to testimony before the grand jury.

"Sandusky said he had showered with other boys and Victim 6's mother tried to make Sandusky promise never to shower with a boy again but he would not," according to the presentment.

During the second conversation, however, Mr. Sandusky's response changed, Mr. Schreffler said.

"I'll never forget this. He said 'I would ask for your forgiveness, but I know you won't give it to me. I wish I were dead.'"

Mr. Sandusky also told the woman, "'I understand I was wrong,'" Mr. Schreffler recounted.
"Hearing him make that comment, I just felt there was more there. He was upbeat when he came in, and she started hammering him. I often wonder what he would have done if I'd stepped out from around the corner.

"It's something we'll never know."

Mr. Schreffler and Jerry Lauro, a child abuse investigator from the state Department of Public Welfare, interviewed Mr. Sandusky on June 1, 1998. During that interview at the Lasch football building on Penn State's campus, Mr. Schreffler said the man admitted to showering with boys.
"He said that he showered with other boys in the past, that he used poor judgment," he said.
Now, those allegations are part of the presentment, and the then-11-year-old boy is identified as Victim No. 6. He testified before the grand jury and said that Mr. Sandusky bear-hugged him while they were naked in the shower.

Mr. Sandusky did not have a lawyer at the time because he never thought he needed one, said his current attorney, Joseph Amendola.

"The reality is no criminal activity occurred. The shower incident involved no sexual misconduct," Mr. Amendola said. "Jerry apologized to Accuser No. 6's mother, not for any illegal or inappropriate sexual contact, but for any misperception [his] mother may have had about the situation. Jerry has always denied he said he wished he was dead."

Mr. Amendola went on to say that the boy continued to have contact with Mr. Sandusky, as did his parents. And as recently as July, they all had dinner together. In addition, the attorney said that the Sanduskys sponsored the young man on a mission trip to Mexico after the alleged incident in the shower.

"Jerry never viewed the 1998 situation as significant because he was only contacted briefly about it and Accuser No. 6's mother continued to encourage Jerry to do things with [the boy] afterwards."

Mr. Schreffler speculates that the district attorney declined to press charges because the state Department of Public Welfare didn't indicate a charge of abuse, which would have made the prosecution's case even more difficult.

"It'd be a little hard for them to prosecute, when you have the state saying there wasn't any abuse."

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Mr. Lauro said he closed the case because he lacked substantial evidence that there was abuse.

"It didn't meet the criteria," Mr. Lauro said. "If I really thought there were any child abuse ... I definitely would have indicated it."

Mr. Gricar disappeared in April 2005, and has not been seen since. He was declared dead in July.

Michael Madeira, who took over the district attorney's office in January 2006 and left last year, said there were no records explaining the declination of prosecution -- nor would he expect there to be.

Mr. Schreffler, who retired from the university in 2006 with 33 years of service, now works for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

He was subpoenaed by the grand jury in the Sandusky matter on Feb. 25 and testified in Harrisburg on March 10.

When Mr. Schreffler learned about the investigation, he said he wasn't surprised.
"I felt my hunch was right. There was something there."

Paula Reed Ward: or 412-263-2620.

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#Paedophile #Sandusky Showered With Boys To Teach Them Basic Hygiene Is The Defence Teams Lame Excuse !

Jerry #Sandusky :Preliminary hearings to start for 2 in Sandusky scandal

Friday, December 16, 2011
HARRISBURG -- Two top Penn State University officials face their preliminary hearing today on charges of perjury and failure to report child abuse in the Jerry Sandusky case.

Tim Curley, 57, who is on administrative leave as Penn State's athletic director, and Gary Schultz, 62, who retired as senior vice president of business and finance after Mr. Sandusky was charged, each face one count of perjury and one count of failure to report.

Their hearing will be in the Dauphin County Courthouse before District Judge William C.

Wenner, who will decide whether the two will stand trial in the case. Attorneys for both defendants have said they are innocent.


Mr. Sandusky this week waived his right to a preliminary hearing on 52 counts of sexual abuse involving 10 children who were involved in The Second Mile, a nonprofit he founded in 1977, ostensibly to assist troubled youth. According to a grand jury, Mr. Sandusky, former assistant football coach at Penn State, used the agency to lure his victims.

The charges against Mr. Curley and Mr. Schultz stem from an incident in March 2002, when a Penn State graduate assistant -- since identified as now-assistant football coach Mike McQueary -- entered a university locker room and allegedly witnessed Mr. Sandusky sexually assaulting a boy in the shower.

According to state Attorney General Linda Kelly, Mr. McQueary reported what he saw to his father and then to Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno. Mr. Paterno met with Mr. Curley, telling him what Mr. McQueary had reported.

About 10 days later, Mr. McQueary was called to a meeting with Mr. Curley and Mr. Schultz and again reported what he had seen, according to a grand jury.

"Despite a powerful eyewitness statement about the sexual assault of a child, this incident was not reported to any law enforcement or child protective agency, as required by Pennsylvania law," Ms. Kelly said in announcing the charges last month.

Mr. Curley has been charged with perjury in repeatedly denying to the grand jury that he was told Mr. Sandusky had engaged in sexual misconduct with a child.

Mr. Schultz's testimony that the allegations concerning Mr. Sandusky were "not that serious" and that he and Mr. Curley "had no indication that a crime had occurred" also was false, the attorney general charged.

Perjury is a third-degree felony that carries a maximum prison sentence of seven years and a $15,000 fine. Failure to report is a summary offense with a 90-day maximum sentence and $200 fine.

Mr. McQueary, who has maintained public silence since the charges were announced, is a possible witness at today's hearing. To hold the defendants for trial, prosecutors must only present a "prima facie" case -- evidence that, if accepted as true, would show that the crimes were committed. That burden is substantially less than the "beyond a reasonable doubt" threshold of a trial.

In a joint statement on Tuesday, Mr. Schultz's lawyer, Thomas Farrell, and Mr. Curley's counsel, Caroline Roberto, said: "Mr. Curley and Mr. Schultz look forward to the preliminary hearing to start the process of clearing their good names and demonstrating that they testified truthfully to the grand jury."

Members of the media reporting on the hearings today will be permitted to tweet, email and text live from the courtroom.

Dauphin County Common Pleas President Judge Todd A. Hoover Thursday issued an order modifying rules set in place last week for the hearings.

Six national media outlets including ABC, The Associated Press and the New York Times sought changes in the rules to allow reporting in real-time from the courtroom.

The new, less restrictive rules will allow reporters to use laptops and handheld devices in the courtroom when the men appear before District Judge Wenner.

Media outlets will not be able to use audio, video or still photography from the courtroom.
In related news, Penn State has requested additional time to respond to questions asked by NCAA President Mark Emmert.

Penn State Vice President and General Counsel Cynthia Baldwin said that, in the course of conversation with the NCAA on this matter, "it became evident that the questions being asked in your letter might be answered in the course of the investigations currently in progress."
Jon Schmitz: or 412-263-1868. Jonathan A. Silver contributed

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Edward Smethurst : LIES - BUT With The Backing Of Carter Ruck How Could He Fail To Lose !

And Once Again We Have The Ugly Word 'Paedophile' Connected To The McCann Case Via A Friend.

Murphy and Halley are Facebook friends of Smethurst. Both are also Facebook friends of Greg Bailey aka Greg ‘the groomer’ Bailey.

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#Fettesgate :Tangled web that distracts attention from real BLACK MAGIC CIRCLE

Duncan Campbell uncovers the sordid background to the man behind last year's notorious ''Fettesgate'' robbery -- and reveals how he has spent more than a decade playing journalists, gays, policemen, and criminals against each other.

THERE are few Scottish police officers who have served much of their time in Edinburgh who have not had to deal with Derek William Donaldson, the homosexual 32-year-old crook and self-acclaimed ''Fettesgate raider'' who was imprisoned for 18 months at Edinburgh Sheriff Court for assault and robbery.

Apart from his central role in the Fettes robbery, Donaldson was also one of a network of gay crooks who has assiduously encouraged detectives and journalists to believe in the fictitious notion of a homosexual ''magic circle'' conspiracy among senior lawyers and the Scottish judiciary.

 These widely-reported rumours have until recently served as an effective distraction from their own criminal activities -- which openly gay advocate Derek Ogg has dubbed the real ''black magic circle.'' Only the slightest hint of this activity emerged in court yesterday.

Since 1976, when as a teenager at Portobello High School he was first convicted for housebreaking and theft, Donaldson has amassed convictions for almost 50 offences of fraud, theft, violence, and sexual offences against young people of both sexes.

More striking than that is the list of confidence tricks for which Donaldson has not -- so far -- faced either trial or punishment.

These include conning the Security Service, MI5, into believing that he was a useful counter-intelligence agent, and TV journalists into making a documentary in which a civil servant and former Portobello schoolmate, Brian Gentleman, was falsely portrayed as a Czech spy.

They also include a visit last year to William Nimmo-Smith, the QC asked by the Lord Advocate to investigate the alleged gay ''Magic Circle'' among Scottish lawyers and the judiciary. Posing as reporter ''Allan MacDonald'' of the Daily Telegraph, Donaldson tried to get the advocate to be indiscreet about the likely conclusions of his report, published two months later.

Donaldson secretly recorded the meeting, and then offered his tapes for sale to newspapers.

The Scottish Sun were the only takers.

From their Glasgow offices, they agreed a #10,000 deal with Donaldson. The terms Donaldson demanded included undertakings by the Sun not to tell their readers about his lengthy and unattractive criminal record, nor to show his photograph.

The Sun also agreed to pass money to Donaldson by an unusual and complex route.

On Friday December 18, the day the report was published -- under the banner headline ''FETTES THIEF CONS GAY JUDGES PROBE QC'' -- News International Ltd. deposited #6500 in the clients' account of Edinburgh solicitors Cochrane and Blair Paterson, of Abercromby Place, to be passed on to Donaldson.

The next day, the Sun published a second report on Donaldson's hoax, entitled ''NIMMO THE DIMMO.'' That evening, an intensely distressed Mr Nimmo-Smith sought psychiatric treatement at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

The theft from the Fettes offices of the Scottish Crime Squad (SCS) in July last year of many sensitive criminal intelligence files was the high point of Donaldson's criminal career. This is the event now known throughout Scotland as ''Fettesgate.'' The documents he then stole included SCS's dossiers on himself and a group of criminal acquaintances, and on such highly-sensitive police operations as ''Operation Burnt Bush,'' a Scotland-wide intelligence investigation into the activities of the Animal Liberation Front.

After details of some of the stolen documents were published, the police raided Donaldson's mother's house at Stenhouse, Edinburgh. They also raided a cover address in Dundee used by Donaldson for many of his fraudulent activities. This was the Queensway Guest House at 127 Broughty Ferry Road, which was then a DSS hostel for young men run by a close friend of Donaldson's, Norman Lilburn. (It has since been closed). Lilburn, like Donaldson, is a criminal, with convictions for fraud, fire-raising, and sexual offences against young men.

But no documents were found at either site. Then Donaldson's solicitor at the time, Nigel Beaumont, bartered with Lothian and Borders CID officers for ''immunity'' for Donaldson in exchange for the return of the original files. Before they were returned, however, Donaldson made copies.

These and other copies remain hidden at several addresses around Edinburgh. However, in an unpublicised police raid several weeks ago, many of the copies were recovered from the Midlothian home of a retired businessman, who has since died.

Donaldson has always taken particular pleasure in using the media to tweak the tail of the police and other authorities, and in playing journalists, policemen, gays, and his criminal acquaintances against each other.

Last autumn the Scotsman printed a series of unchallenged ''exclusives'' from him and his solicitor, Mr Beaumont, about how the Fettesgate break-in took place, together with other allegations against the police. Delighted with this, Donaldson took to referring to his contact, the paper's chief reporter, Alan Hutchison, as ''Fido.''

Ironically, after leaving school, Donaldson had applied to join the police. When his application was rejected, he became a ''police groupie''. He then used radio monitoring equipment to learn about police operations, staff, and command and control systems. Then he used this information to interfere with and disrupt police activities.

By 1984, he had been convicted of more than 40 charges of fraud, theft, reset, criminal damage, and offences against the person and the Companies Acts. Then, while on the run from the police in London, he moved on to hoaxing MI5.

That summer, Donaldson met Security Service counter-intelligence staff in a secret Whitehall basement called ''Room 055'' and made allegations about former Portobello schoolmate Brian Gentleman. When both MI5 and the Czech intelligence service realised that they were being deceived, Donaldson took the tale to journalists instead.

A 1986 Channel 4 documentary accused Gentleman of being a Czech spy. But Special Branch investigators found no evidence for this -- and Gentleman kept his job at the Department of Trade.

The truth was that it was Donaldson who had tried to spy for the Eastern Block, and to get Gentleman to become a Czech spy. When this plot failed, Donaldson approached a gay Edinburgh friend, former soldier Terry Smith, and asked him to arrange for serving gay Army officers to be photographed secretly in compromising sexual scenes. By threatening them with exposure of their homosexuality, Donaldson then hoped to blackmail them into passing over documents and information for him to sell.

Smith refused to take part in the plot, and instead warned the police. After this, the two became bitter enemies. According to one of Donaldson's closest criminal acquaintances, at one meeting he produced a gun and announced that he was going to kill Smith. At this point, however, Donaldson's solicitor, Nigel Beaumont (who was also present), persuaded him to hand over the weapon and disarmed him.

During the mid-1980s Donaldson was a gay fraudster who earned his money running DHSS hostels. He and others bought large properties with fraudulently obtained mortgages, and filled them with young men on the dole.

One such hostel (at the time) was the Murrayfield Hotel in Murrayfield Avenue, Edinburgh; another was in Balerno. Both were run by ''D & S Properties,'' a partnership between Donaldson and Grant Gordon Sutherland, a heterosexual businessman who was jailed soon afterwards for a different fraud involving meat packing companies. Other such DHSS landlords -- and members of the gay ''black magic circle'' -- were Norman Lilburn and journalist John Hein.

In November, 1986, Donaldson was sentenced by the High Court to six-and-a-half years' imprisonment for mortgage and insurance frauds and for sexual offences against young men and a young woman. After his sentence was reduced on appeal to five years, he was released from Shotts prison in July, 1989.

He was quickly back in fraudulent activities. He teamed with two other former DHSS landlords, Gordon Gosnell and John Hein, the one-time editor of the magazine Gay Scotland. From premises in Hope Street, Glasgow, the three started operating 0898 premium rate telephone services, which they used for major frauds against British Telecom.

Advertisements for Donaldson's services, ''Crossed Lines,'' started appearing nightly in the Edinburgh Evening News.

Hein was a telephone expert, and the brains behind the fraud. During 1989 he devised and perfected a special method of making fraudulent phone calls from public phone boxes to the 0898 numbers run by himself and Donaldson. Every time such a fraudulent call was made BT was obliged to pay the operators of the 0898 service -- Hein or Donaldson -- up to #200.

In November, 1989, Donaldson recruited an unemployed gay man to travel round Edinburgh late at night, making the special calls. Soon Donaldson was earning #5000 a week from BT. He rented a new car, luxurious West End flat in Learmonth Terrace, and boasted to cronies that he was ''living like a lord.''

Then, taking a lavish holiday in the sex suburbs of Bangkok in January 1990 with boyfriend (and co-accused at yesterday's trial) Billy Langa, he was arrested. British Telecom computers had detected the fraud -- and Donaldson himself had been watched and identified while making a fraudulent call from an Edinburgh suburb.

Donaldson was arrested by the Scottish Crime Squad and charged with #40,000 fraud and attempted fraud against BT. Donaldson then turned on his former ''manager,'' Dean Barnes, who had admitted in a statement to police how Donaldson had told him to fiddle calls to Donaldson's services. It is claimed that Barnes and his mother were threatened with maiming or death and, in consequence, Barnes agreed to lie at Glasgow Sheriff Court at Donaldson's trial in May 1991, and did so. Donaldson was acquitted. Two months ago Donaldson's solicitor, Nigel Beaumont, was arrested and charged by Lothian and Borders Police with attempting to suborn Dean Barnes to commit perjury at Glasgow Sheriff Court in May, 1991. Mr Beaumont denies the charge.

MEANWHILE in Edinburgh, Donaldson carried out an insurance fraud on his mother's house in Stenhouse. On February 14, 1991, he set fire to her kitchen with a Calor gas stove. Two claims were made for the costs of building a new kitchen; once from an insurance company, and secondly from the building society which had helped his mother buy her former council home.

Moving to Kirkcaldy, Donaldson moved in with another gay mortgage fraudster, Willy Hampton.

Hampton had successfully run a string of mortgage frauds in Edinburgh and Kirkcaldy. He had even obtained mortgages on behalf of his 17-year-old boyfriend. Donaldson and Hampton took over and ran a snooker hall in Methil called Connections. The two men and other members of the ''black magic circle'' also successfully defrauded the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Clydesdale Bank which involved opening false cash dispensing bank accounts.

But the pair fell out after Donaldson made a sexual advance towards Hampton's boyfriend. A squabble ensued, and Hampton took over running the Methil snooker hall. Then, in October 1990, there were two attempts to burn it down. The second attempt was successful, and the hall remains a hulk.

Donaldson then tried ringing stolen cars and selling fake Armani sweaters at Ingliston market. But he was caught and prosecuted by trading standards officers. His new career as a police informant was, however, soon flourishing.

Hampton was an early victim. After his Edinburgh mortgage frauds were detected, Hampton went into hiding in a friend's west end flat. Donaldson tracked him down -- and he was arrested within hours. He only narrowly escaped the unpleasant consequences of his lifestyle and actions. From inside prison, Hampton offered other criminals up to #1000 to have Donaldson beaten up. But the attempt failed after Hampton could not pay the fee he had offered.

In characteristic fashion, Donaldson's 1992 deception of William Nimmo-Smith, QC, was not initially planned as a deliberate intervention in the ''Magic Circle'' affair. He had sought to interview the QC under false pretences because he wanted to settle scores with Smith, and was desperate to find out what Smith might have told him.

The ''Fettesgate'' theft was also, ironically, planned as an act of private spite.

This event, perhaps the greatest blow to the reputation of a Scottish police force, began after CID officers attached to the elite regional Scottish Crime Squad -- with headquarters in Glasgow, and offices at Fettes -- agreed in 1990 to employ Donaldson as a ''registered'' police informant.

For years he had been trading information with policemen, journalists, and other criminals, and using the information he gleaned from each to play off detectives against fellow homosexual criminals.

 His new career as an official police ''grass'' began after he was released from Shotts prison on parole in July 1989. It came to an end in July, 1992, when -- aggrieved because he was not paid a fee of #500 which he had expected -- he decided to get even by burgling the Scottish Crime Squad's own offices.

After the break-in, senior Lothians and Borders police officers learned about Donaldson's recruitment by the SCS, and were astounded. They were appalled that the experienced CID officers concerned had not realised who had been running whom. All of the officers concerned have now been found new jobs, and are unlikely ever to return to plain-clothes police work.

''The SCS's relationship with Donaldson was an absolute disaster of informant handling,'' said one senior officer. ''The key mistake in 'Fettesgate' was ever to let Donaldson into the building at all.''

''The gravity of this misjudgment beggars description. If ever a mackerel was launched to catch a sprat, this was it. Donaldson -- of all people!''

BUT the roots of Fettesgate began far from Scotland. Early in 1992, a large consignment of Visa dollar travellers' cheques were stolen while in transit from Czechoslovakia to England.

This haul was then distributed to criminal networks throughout Europe. Some of the stolen cheques were passed to leading criminals in the Glasgow area, who made plans to cash them in Spain and in London.

Although he was approached to take part in this scheme, Donaldson declined -- but suggested instead the services of some fellow gay crooks. One who agreed to take part was Gordon Gosnell, of Linwood, near Paisley, the editor of a monthly Scottish gay magazine called Pulse.

So, in April 1992, Gosnell travelled to London with four other men to cash the cheques.

Donaldson informed the police about their plans.

During the trip, Gosnell and three of his companions were arrested in London by detectives from Number 6 Regional Crime Squad. Donaldson, it appears, assumed that the arrests of Gosnell and others was the direct result of his ''grassing.'' So he approached Detective Chief Inspector Jimmy Smith of the Scottish Crime Squad and demanded an informant's fee of #500, payable (he claimed) on behalf of the Metropolitan Police.

But, according to police sources, it was Gosnell himself who had brought about the arrests. He had blown the plot after becoming extremely drunk. ''He was like a smartly dressed Rab C. Nesbitt,'' said one London detective. ''He waddled into a bureau de change in Paddington and asked to cash $20,000.'' The cashier he met called the police and, after intensive surveillance, four men, including Gosnell, were arrested. A fifth escaped back to Glasgow.

After the Fettes theft, Donaldson attempted to sell his haul to Scottish newspapers. But most were leery of potential charges of reset -- and rightly so.

Although Donaldson himself then remained Teflon-coated, the reporters whom he met were not so lucky.

After Scotland on Sunday reporter Ron McKay published some details of the ''Burnt Bush'' documents, he was arrested in Kent, flown back to Scotland, and charged with reset.

Donaldson's main contact on the Scottish Sun, reporter Alan Muir, faced an early-morning raid by police a day later. But the charges against journalists were dropped in November 1992 by Edinburgh's procurator fiscal.

JUST before Christmas, Donaldson told his mates that his next get-rich-quick scheme was going to be a roulette scam. He had, he claimed, devised a unique system for winning, play after play.

This ''system'' would make him up to #500 an hour, he believed. He spent weeks proving to himself that it would work. Then he made elaborate plans for a new life in 1993. He would join a host of London casinos, hire a luxurious new car, and move south to a new flat in the North London diplomatic suburb of St Johns Wood.

But he never got the opportunity to see if the streets of London could indeed be paved with gold.

 On January 6 this year, three days after he savagely attacked me in an attempt to suppress Channel 4's report on the Fettesgate and Magic Circle affairs, he returned openly to his house in Double Hedges Road, Edinburgh.

He had, meanwhile, spent three days in hiding at the Holiday Inn hotel in Queensferry Road, Edinburgh. While on the run he had frequently been in touch with the Sun -- and had secretly met his solicitor, Nigel Beaumont, who, it appears, told him that he could reasonably expect to be able to ''walk'' from police custody, and thus to get away with assault and theft.

On the day he was arrested at his house in Double Hedges Road reporters from the Scottish Sun were on hand to record what they and he supposed would be next day's ''blunder by the plods'' splash for the Sun. As the police led him off, a Sun photographer recorded every move, anticipating that he would be released after a few hours' questioning.

But the Crown's evidence of Donaldson's assault, theft and dishonesty was more than he had anticipated. He remained in custody.
It was the one Donaldson story the Sun did not print. more

#Fettesgate : The Magic Circle -"FETTES THIEF CONS GAY JUDGES PROBE QC"


I now took a passing interest in the case of Ian McFarlane Walker and his firm was soon in the news when the Law Society of Scotland launched an investigation into their activities.
From subsequent press reports when Old Fettesian, Colin Tucker-now living in the Mansion House, London-was charged with embezzlement from Burnett Walker clients it transpired that Ian Walker was living a double life. The respectable family man and businessman I met was in fact a closet homosexual who with his lover an colleague Colin Tucker was stealing millions from clients, and when the impending revelation of theft was about to come to light he took his life by hanging himself in his garage.

Edinburgh lawyers were much in the news at this time as the so called "gay judges and rent boys scandal" was breaking. Perhaps the most high profile event at this time was the resignation of Lord Dervaird in 1989. The whole of the media was buzzing with these stories but I did not associate Ian McFarlane Walker or Colin Tucker with these stories at the time, though it turned out they were pivotal in these events.

Having sex with children is a serious offence against the law, and in the late 1980's having homosexual sex with anyone under the age of 21 was an offence. So when it was suggested in the press that there was serious concern that a select group of people nicknamed the "Magic Circle" because of their knowledge of criminality in this regard among judges were able to threaten blackmailing them in order to gain court verdicts in their favour Tam Dalyell MP demanded a police investigation.
An investigation was ordered by the Chief Constable of Lothian and Borders Police, Sir William Sutherland who tasked Detective Chief Inspector Roger Orr and a team including his brother Detective Sergeant Charlie Orr to carry it out. The inquiry and resulting Orr Report were kept secret and securely locked up in the Fettes Police HQ. That is until July 19 1992 when the Fettes HQ was sensationally burgled in what became known as "Fettesgate" and the Orr Report along with other top secret papers were stolen!

The Fettes burglar was eventually identified as a homosexual criminal called Derek William Donaldson who first sold the report to a newspaper and then offered to return the report on condition of immunity from prosecution, an offer the highly embarrassed Edinburgh police force were happy to accept.

Once the terms of the Orr Report was in the public domain the press ran with details of its findings-reflecting disquiet and the belief among police officers generally-which concluded that in 5 cases there was reason to believe that persons of positions of influence in the judiciary, Crown Office, and legal establishment, linked by common homosexual relationships were perverting the course of justice in having court cases or potential offences decided in their favour.

The first of the 5 cases the Orr Report dealt with concerned Colin Tucker and the firm of Burnett Walker. Tucker featured in another case together with Gordon May which was abandoned at the High Court in Dunfermline after the intervention of the Lord Advocate.

The litany of legal discrepancies involving the great and good in the Scottish legal establishment was such that the Westminster Parliament became involved and the Prime Minister, John Major ordered the Lord Advocate to hold an inquiry. Her Majesty's Advocate, Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, appointed two senior members of the legal profession to hold an inquiry into the allegations of a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in Scotland which the secret Orr Report had concluded existed.

So it was that William Austen Nimmo-Smith, QC and James D Friel, Regional Procurator Fiscal of North Strathclyde began their inquiry which would conclude in a report to the Honourable the House of Commons. The terms of reference for this enquiry were unusual in that they were not in accordance with any statute.

So Nimmo-Smith, aided by his junior partner Friel could take evidence from whomsoever they wished but they had no power to order anyone to give evidence. However before the members of the Westminster Parliament could hear a synopsis of the findings of the report read out to them, and before the House of Commons could vote on whether or not the report be published the findings of Nimmo-Smith were published in the Sun newspaper for the world to see!

The headline "FETTES THIEF CONS GAY JUDGES PROBE QC" caused a sensation partly because the man who, posing as a reporter and armed with a tape recorder had spent several hours in Nimmo Smith's home was none other than the gay con man, Derek William Donaldson who had burgled the Fettes police HQ and stolen top secret files on the "Magic Circle".

It was hardly surprising when the following morning The Scottish Sun published a further article entitled "NIMMO THE DIMMO" it was reported that a distressed Nimmo-Smith had sought psychiatric treatment at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. The now First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond MP agreed with the Sun that the story was in the public interest, as its claims undermined the Nimmo-Smith/Friel Inquiry.

The Scottish establishment however rallied to the aid of Nimmo-Smith and his fellow Old-Etonian the editor of The Scotsman newspaper Magnus Linklater wrote a strong condemnation of The Scottish Sun's unethical use of information obtained by deception from the crooked Donaldson.

The Scottish Sun was not about to take lectures on journalism from Nimmo-Smith's establishment chums who might well wish to close ranks on a scandal that showed up the Scottish legal system in the worst possible light, and they defended their position strongly in a hard hitting Editorial piece entitled: "
Never mind the quality".
Politicians of all parties including the man whose actions had set off the Orr inquiry which predicated the Nimmo-Smith/Friel Inquiry, Tam Dalyell MP believed that the Sun had acted in the public interest and their article was of such significance that it should be placed in the library of the House of Commons.

 The Solicitor General for Scotland, Sir Nicholas Fairbairn QC, stated that the Nimmo-Smith/Friel Inquiry should be scrapped and a new "Magic Circle" inquiry be set up.

However it came as no surprise when some months later on 26th January 1993 "The Report on an Inquiry into an Allegation of a Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice in Scotland" was published, revealing-what Derek Donaldson had already told the Sun-that Nimmo-Smith and Friel had found there was no evidence to support allegations that a "Magic Circle" operated within the Scottish legal establishment.  

The establishment circled the wagons and backed the report on a vote in Westminster.

In essence the Nimmo-Smith Friel Report found all the lawyers linked to the Magic Circle clique innocent of any wrongdoing and all of the policemen who investigated this affair guilty of homophobia.

Oh, and all the rent boys and others who supported the Orr findings were liars and crooks.

The two group's poweres of recall was also found by Nimmo-Smith/Friel to be perfect among the lawyers, and wanting among the others.

I lost interest in the goings on with my old lawyers until recently when stories began drifting back from Thailand telling of the goings on of a group known as the Gay McMafia led by Colin Tucker's old pal Gordon May.

This was interesting because at the time the Nimmo-Smith/Friel Report also concluded that those involved in the Magic Circle rumours and Thailand were strangers.

The Report stated in this regard:  "The part of Orr's report which relates to the case against May and Tucker refers to Tucker's homosexuality, states that May is a practising homosexual, and alleges that May was involved in the running of an hotel and nightclub in Thailand. According to the report this place "is openly engaged in providing services for homosexuals particularly in the procurement of young male prostitutes or rent boys for the sexual gratification of visitors. The complex is thought to have been frequented by several persons popular on the Edinburgh gay scene, including the gay element of the legal fraternity." We are in possession of no evidence which would support this latter allegation."

I have never been to Thailand in my life but I know a regular visitor to the country-a truthful man of integrity-who told me that in the 1980's/90's he was on a flight from Scotland to Thailand which was forced by bad weather to land at a military base and according to him the passengers were terrified that the emergency would attract the attention of the press as half of the Scottish legal establishment were on the plane. High jinks in Thailand were the order of the day when the High Court was in recess apparently.

Now this anecdotal evidence, given voluntarily, in passing and doesn't mean a thing, but there are other pointers that suggest to me that maybe just maybe there was something to the rumours of ill gotten gains by a crooked clique of Scots being invested in Thailand.

In 2003 a piece of investigative journalism published in the Sunday Herald by award-winning journalist Neil McKay which dealt with Gordon May-Tucker's old partner-and a Thai gay-sex tourist hotel murder/scandal.

More recently another key player in the Magic Circle affair died in Thailand.

Edinburgh's Martin Frutin contradicted the allegations of the rent boys and his evidence was accepted by Nimmo Smith. Frutin was subsequently convicted of gay porn offences, fled Scotland and took up residence in Thailand where he became a prominent member of the local Masonic Lodge, Pattaya West Winds, as well as the gay scene. His death was reported recently as "Flamboyant Scot On Yard Child Sex Abuse Watch List Dies In Thailand".

Despite the fact that Foreign Travel Orders were introduced in 2007 to stop paedophiles visiting countries plagued by child sex tourism, such as Cambodia, Thailand and India, Frutin was able to travel between Scotland and Thailand freely. This highlights the failure of the Scottish Courts to grant a single order banning travel by paedophiles, a sad fact highlighted by the Daily Express.The latest development is the clearing by a Thai court (judgement included in article link below) of the investigative journalist Andrew Drummond who faced jail after writing articles that dealt with Gordon May, and among other things, his trial in the Teague Homes case at Dunfermline where he was-with co-defendant Colin Tucker-sensationally cleared of embezzlement.

Something dealt with in detail in the Nimmo-Smith/Friel Report. However the Thai court came to different conclusions regarding the £243,438.00 embezzled from Teague about which they said:  "However, the income of Teague Homes Co., Ltd. was spent to open of the biggest gay sex bar in Asia. The Court saw that it presented the fact of the case. Such article was just information which is public information."

Now it may be just coincidence that some of those who featured in the Magic Circle affair did end up in the very situations that the rumours suggested, but then again maybe the rumours were true?

Conservative Party South Africa Connections :Strategy Network International

Conservative Connections

In the late 1980s and early 1990s Strategy Network International paid for Conservative MPs to visit South Africa. Conservative MPs Neil Hamilton and Michael Colvin both failed to declare the trips on the members register of interests.[3]

Current Prime Minister David Cameron also took advantage of a Strategy Network International trip to South Africa in 1989. The trip was offered to the Conservative Research Department by Derek Laud, who was employed by SNI and was later a contestant on the reality tv series Big Brother. [4]

MP Michael Colvin :Cause Of Fire That Killed MP Still A Mystery

By Michael Fleet
THE cause of the country house fire in which the Tory MP Michael Colvin and his wife Nichola died may never be fully known, an inquest was told yesterday.
A discarded match or an overturned candle were the most likely reasons why Tangley House, near Winchester, Hampshire, was destroyed in February but despite months of work by investigators there could be no certainty, Grahame Short, the coroner for Mid Hampshire, was told.

He recorded an open verdict after hearing that the couple were believed to have been overcome by smoke in their beds before the fire burnt the entire interior of the house.
There were no smoke alarms which could have saved them, Mr Short said, and an audible warning inside the house that the burglar alarm had been tampered with by the heat went unanswered because, it is believed, they were already dead.

The order in which the alarm sensors were deactivated showed that the fire probably began in a living room.
It then escaped through an open door and reached a first floor dressing room where Mr Colvin, 67, slept before entering the neighbouring master bedroom, where his wife, 62, was sleeping so that her husband did not disturb her when he went to bed later.

Ronald Bell, a forensic scientist, said the fire was probably caused by a match being thrown into a metal waste paper basket after lighting a log fire or a candle.

 It is thought that the fire smouldered for up to two hours before the alarm was raised by Nicola Woolnough, the housekeeper.
Mrs Woolnough said her husband went into the house but there was thick smoke coming from the doorway. "He could not get in very far because it was so hot." The couple's children, Jamie Cayzer-Colvin, Arabella Gaggero and Amanda Ponsonby, joined other family members at the inquest in Winchester.

Michael Colvin Links To Elite Paedophile Ring Run By Derek Laud And Julian Lewis . Allegedly !

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"Talk:Michael Colvin

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Colvin was associated closely with several other Conservative 'people' on the right wing of the party including Julian Lewis who is said to be involved with a number of international right wing 'covert' groups linked with high finance, and arms dealing.

Colvin was also associated with two allegedly corrupt and discredited former Parliamentary Lobbyists, Ian Greer (cash for questions) and Derek Laud Laud*

( (Cash for Knighthoods aka Cash for Rentboys).

Both Greer and Laud have links with South Africa - Greer now lives there and Laud is a frequent visitor.

In view of their links with Parliamentary corruption in the UK and extreme levels of alleged corruption in the 'new' South African multi-racial Government, it seems possible that both Greer and Laud may find the culture of South Africa politically highly amenable.

It is probably only a coincidence, but during a major scandal around the abuse of children in care in an area of the UK called Clwyd, both laud and Greer's names were mentioned by alleged victims in connection with organised sexual abuse involving VIP's including, allegedly, members of the UK Government.

During that scandal a fire in Hove, near Brighton, killed five alleged victims of abuse.

Many people believe the fire was deliberately set. With the five young people from Clwyd who died was a Health Visitor from Hampshire where Laud has a home and where Colvin lived.

She also was killed in the fire.

Michael Colvin died at a fire in his magnificent Hampshire home.

He had been speaking to Derek Laud days, if not hours, previously.

There have been many allegations that Hampshire County Council, and of course Colvin lived in Hampshire, through the influence of Derek Laud and his friend Julian Lewis, is a central player in a national paeedophile ring supplying young boys from care systems as in Clwyd to VIP's.

The VIP's are said to have included top people in the law, commerce, and politics - across the party spectrum - at specially organised parties and other gatherings sometime on a one to one basis and sometimes at hotels where staff allegedly colluded with the exploitation of youngsters.

The Crest hotel in Wrexham and an Hotel on Hove seafront have specifically been mentioned, although in the Hove instance it maybe that staff at the hotel colluded with the supply of youngsters and that 'meetings' took place elsewhere.

It has been alleged that officials and councillors in a number of local authorities may be receiving payments for identifying 'appropriate' young people in care and introducing them to the ring, and ultimately to Laud and Lewis and their associates, who then, it has been alleged, introduce the boys to 'interested' VIP's.

Within the list of alleged collaborators in counties along the south coast with the supply of teenage boys for exploitation is a Social Services Director in one LA., an Assistant Director of Children's Social Services in another, chief executives in two others, several social workers and also a number of child protection workers.

As well as a number of Councillors, including former Leader of Hampshire Council and Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Freddie Emery Wallis who was convicted in 2001 of molesting young boys.

In the 1990's Derek Laud had an address at East Cottage, Needs Ore Point (shown on electiral records).

That is on the Estate of Lord Monatgue of Beuleigh who those of 'a certain age' will remember was convicted of molesting a boy scout back in the 1960's.

Colvin was associated with most of these people in one way or another.

Recent revelations involve the corruption of evidence by senior council officials in North Wales with regard to information supplied to the Waterhouse inquiry into allegations of VIP child abuse in Clwyd.

It has been revealed that although in the inquiry allegations made by a number of young people were discredited because they had made allegations against social workers who records showed had not been employed where they said during the time they were in care in those homes, in fact, if allegations are true, a secretary in North Wales Council had been instructed to alter the official records of dates and where and when specific youngsters were in care.

(Angus Stickler, BBC, gained some evidence about this).

 It was not therefore the youngsters who were lying, but the officials.

More significantly, these tricks were played mainly on youngsters who had made alleagtions against care workers and against VIP's.

With the allegations against the care workers discredited, obviously the allegations against VIP's fell by the wayside.

There have also been allegations that this high level paedophile 'ring' has placed its own people into positions of statutory power over children in care, and investigation suggests these allegations may have substance.

The involvement of Derek Laud, who was educated in the remedial stream at a south London comprehensive school where it has been alleged he pimped his classmates to wealthy and influential adults even while still at school, is significant.

The psychopathic behaviour of Laud and Lewis that has caused significant comment from time to time may be far more dangerous than just eccentric.
It is worthy of note that people around Derek Laud who challenge him appear to suffer significant harm - or to die - with unusual frequency.

Michael Colvin was an associate.

Diana Princess of Wales opposed the whole culture to which Laud aligns himself and challenged arms dealing with which Julian Lewis is closely linked.

Deceased investigative journalist Simon Regan challenged both Laud and Lewis frequently and died 'after a short illness' soon after his final tirade against Laud and Lewis.

The alleged victims of VIP abuse who died in a fire in Palmeira Avenue Hove in 1991 had also linked Laud, Lewis, and Greer, to the circumstances of the abuse they said thery had suffered in care.

Colvin therefore, despite a fairly mundane Tory image, was aligned with some allegedly very nasty people indeed.

As a final comment, in the 1980's and 1990's, and some say currently, it appears that lobbyists such as Greer and Laud were supplying teenage boys to MP's and others in politics specifically with the aim of exerting political influence.

Michael Portillo, Peter Lilley, Ian Hamilton, and other Thatcherite politicians of the 1980's were all associated wiht Laud and Lewis, and all were alleged to have been guests at paedophile parties in London at which boys from care in a number of local authorities, including North Wales, Shropshire,Hampshire, Dorset, Brighton and Hove and others, were allegedly 'ferried in' with the co-operation of social workers to provide sexual entertainments for the guests.

 It has also been alleged that Portillo freuqently took 'kinky holidays' in North Africa with his friend Derek Laud.

Portillo insists that Laud was a guest on these holidays of him and his wife, but it has been alleged that hotel records do not confirm that Portillo's wife was there at all.

Finally there have been specific allegations that the main aim of this ring is not to provide jollies for kinky MP's and others, but to exert influence over them in their work by blackmail.

All in all, Michael Colvin chose some odd and dangerous friends.

Given the number of people linked with this group who have died or suffered harm in odd circumstances, some going back more than 20 years, perhaps Colvin's premature and dramatic demise should be considered as almost predictable.

Those who mess with psychopaths should expect the unexpected. Or premature encounters with the inevitable."

Home to Hell: Michael Colvin.

Elite Paedophiles In Power: Then And Now

The Waterhouse Report : Lord McAlpine - Margaret Thatchers Blue Eyed Boy