Saturday, December 10, 2011

#Sandusky:#GarySpeed Suicide - Was he Working On Exposing Paedophiles In Football ?

Tapestry said...

1.20 am Jermaine Michael. If Gary was molested as a ten year old, he could have been threatening to reveal more in the media, and the Despatches was just the beginning of an attempted campaign against the paedophiles.

This is the Achilles heel of the powerful elites that dominate the world. They all seem to have an interest in paedophilia. It's the recurring theme that won't go away, with Royalty, politicians (Dunblane/Hamilton) and central bankers.
They see it as their right to acquire the children they desire.
This could explain why powerful people would want to murder Gary - to silence him. That would be a lot more of a possibility than him being worried about being gay - if in fact he was. On that front there are only rumours. Here is some stronger evidence of which way to look to find an explanation.

If Louise knows anything about what Gary was doing exposing paedophiles operating in football, she would now keep very quiet indeed. Is this what her strange tweets were about - looking to find the good in humanity? It would fit. She was aware of a great evil, and was trying to rationalise it.

Her Twitter account is now closed.