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Adam Croote : Raped 10 Year Old Girl - Former Poster Child For Missing Children Found Guilty Of Raping A Child !

Sixteen years ago, he stood beside a president as the poster child for victimized children.

Now, he's headed to prison for raping a 10-year-old.

Adam Croote, 23, was sentenced to 25 to life on Friday after pleading guilty to raping and choking a little girl he was babysitting last June, The Albany Times Union reported.

In 1996, when he was 7, Croote visited the White House to watch President Clinton sign an order that required missing children posters to be hung in federal buildings — a policy galvanized in-part by Croote's horrific young life.

When he was 2, his father shot and killed his pregnant mother in Hinesville, Ga., and then left him with her corpse for hours, according to the Times Union.

Two years later, his dead mother's parents snatched him during a bitter custody battle with his paternal grandparents.

His chubby face appeared plastered on missing-child posters for three years until his grandparents were finally busted after a nationwide search.

Croote eventually went to live with his paternal grandmother, who was with him the day he visited the Oval Office with other families of missing children to watch Clinton sign the order.
A snapshot from the signing session shows Linda Koerner with her arm on her grandson's shoulder as Clinton gives the policy his seal of approval.

But Croote's troubles continued.

In his teens, he shuttled between homes for troubled kids, and at 17, he was convicted of sexually assaulting an instructor at a home in Wendell, Mass.

His victim's parents already knew Croote and knew he was a registered sex offender when they allowed him to watch their daughter, the Times Union said.

In his confession, Croote told cops the girl screamed and he choked her to try to make her stay quiet.

He later surrendered to police, saying, "I think I hurt a little girl," according to the newspaper.

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#Minnesota Waits For British Goverments Sarah Smith's Paedophile Husband Shawn Sullivan To Face Charges Of Rape !

For nearly two decades, Jessica Schaefer wondered if authorities would ever find the man who she says took away her innocence.
At age 11, she and her cousin told police that Shawn Eugene Sullivan, a male relative in his 20s, had exposed himself and groped them both in her grandparents' Eagan home. But before police could arrest him, he was gone.

For 17 years, Sullivan lived and traveled in Europe and elsewhere even as he was wanted in Minnesota. Finally, in the summer of 2010, an Eagan detective delivered news that brought Schaefer and her cousin some relief: Sullivan, now 43, had been arrested in London and prosecutors were working to bring him back. He faces criminal sexual conduct charges not only in their 1994 case, but also for allegations that he had raped a 14-year-old girl in Bloomington around that same time.

"I've waited for so long for the police to finally find Shawn," said Schaefer, now 29. "I'm at the point now where I'm angry and I'm fed up and I'm ready for some answers."

Sullivan denies the Minnesota charges and is fighting extradition. A hearing is set for Jan. 20. "He's not guilty," said Peter Wold, Sullivan's defense attorney in Minneapolis. "All these are, are allegations."

Sullivan told authorities he was already on parole for an unspecified violation in 1994, when he was living in Minnesota. For some of that time, he was living with relatives in Eagan, where he met Schaefer and her cousin.

In interviews this week, the women said that Sullivan, 24 at the time, was charming, taking them to lunch and treating them like adults, even though they were only 11. He horsed around a back-yard swimming pool with them, Schaefer said. He bought them gifts and let them sit on his lap to drive his truck.
The women, who still live in the Twin Cities area, said he also showed them photos of women, some naked and in sexually suggestive positions.

The girls told police in 1994 that Sullivan would come out of the shower wearing only a towel and would drop it or position it so the girls could see his genitals, according to a criminal complaint. While they were in his room using a computer, the girls told police, he lay on the bed with them one at a time, rubbed their legs and slipped his hand inside their shorts.
"He would tell us that we're the ones that make him do this," Schaefer said in the interview.

In the Bloomington case, Sullivan allegedly met a 14-year-girl at an oil-change shop. He took her for a ride, parked the vehicle and gave her vodka and peach schnapps, according to the complaint. The girl passed out in the back seat and told police she woke up to find Sullivan having sex with her, according to the charges.

Hannah Treziok, now 32, said the past 18 years have been "a horrible roller coaster ride." She said she went to the shop to see a boy who worked there, and that the boy told her to go for a ride with Sullivan while workers finished up and closed the business for the day. She went, thinking it was safe because shop workers knew Sullivan, she said. She immediately reported the rape after he dropped her off at 2:30 a.m., according to the complaint.

Minnesota officials said a warrant for Sullivan's arrest was issued in March 1994.

"It just seems to me that's the kind of person that deserves to be stopped," said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, one of two county attorneys seeking Sullivan's extradition.
What Sullivan says

Wold said making accusations is "easy" and something that "happens all the time."

In London court proceedings last year, Sullivan said he left the United States in early 1994, shortly after being questioned by police about the Eagan allegations. He told court officials that he thought the matter had been resolved and that he was unaware of the Bloomington allegations until he was arrested by British authorities in 2010.

However, a London judge concluded that Sullivan fled the United States and never returned to visit his family because he feared prosecution. The judge also found that Sullivan obtained an Irish passport, spelling his name in Gaelic and making it hard to link to his American name.

Sullivan was sentenced in Ireland for an unspecified criminal offense in 1997, a British court document shows. The judge said the case apparently involved a sexual offense against a child. Irish and British newspapers reported that Sullivan got a suspended jail sentence for sexually assaulting two 12-year-old girls.

Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said authorities heard Sullivan was in Ireland but he was gone before they could file extradition documents. Sullivan was also arrested but not detained in Switzerland after he used a card with the American spelling of his name, according to court records.

In 2007, Interpol notified 190 member countries that a warrant had been issued for Sullivan's arrest. Sullivan gave a false name to police when they showed up to take him into custody last year, court records show. British authorities signed the extradition order in February.

Backstrom said Sullivan's European attorneys are opposing extradition in part by arguing that Sullivan could be civilly committed as a predatory offender if he is returned to the United States -- something that could amount to a life sentence in Minnesota. Backstrom and other prosecutors have challenged that claim as pure speculation.

Sullivan's extradition also could be complicated by his reported marriage to an employee of Britain's Ministry of Justice, which oversees the courts. Sullivan married Sarah Louise Smith in a jailhouse ceremony in 2010. A report in London's Sun said the marriage allows Sullivan to fight extradition by claiming it will destroy his family.

'I'm putting a stop to this'

"When I found out he married this lady that has connections with the Ministry of Justice ... it was like, no more," Schaefer said. "I'm putting a stop to this. I mean, it's not fair that he's living his life the way that he intended to and not have any consequences or be held accountable for his actions."

Schaefer said the past 18 years have brought a stream of nightmares and therapy. She said she is distrustful of others and fears something happening to her young daughter.

Schaefer's cousin, who didn't want her name used, said she didn't talk about the incident for years -- not to a therapist, not to friends, not to family. She felt sick when she heard reports of children being molested and tensed up whenever she saw a red and white Ford Bronco like the one Sullivan used to drive.

Treziok, who also still lives in Minnesota, said the Bloomington incident has shaped her life in major ways; she has gone through therapy and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, she said.

"I felt like I did what I was supposed to do," she said. "I reported the assault right away trying to not only, you know, serve other girls, but do the right thing ... I feel like my justice escaped with him."

She went to school for criminal justice, she said, so she could help other victims.

"It's just an attempt to see justice in any way that I can," she said. "And make sure that if I can't have my justice, other people are getting theirs."

London freelance writer Ian Evans contributed to this report. Photo by London Media. Pam Louwagie • 612-673-7102 full article

#Extradition : Paedophile - America's Most Wanted Married To Ministry Of Justice Policy Manager Sarah Smith !

Court delays ruling on paedophile

The High Court has reserved judgment on a human rights bid by an American paedophile to block being returned to the US where he is wanted for allegedly abusing three girls in the mid-Nineties.

Lawyers for fugitive Shawn Sullivan, 43, said he could face detention with no hope of release under a controversial US sex offenders’ treatment programme.

No one on the programme has yet been released, said counsel for Sullivan who has been described as one of the US’s most wanted alleged sex criminals.

Two judges were asked in a day-long hearing by Sullivan, who has joint Irish-US nationality, to block the British Home Secretary’s decision in February last year to order his extradition to Minnesota.

He is also seeking to overturn a decision of district judge Howard Riddle at Westminster magistrates’ court in December 2010 that there was no legal reason why extradition should not go ahead.

Sullivan is accused of raping a 14-year-old girl and sexually molesting two 11-year-olds in Minnesota between 1993 and 1994.

He left the US as prosecutors filed charges against him and was later found to be living in Ireland. He then came to London using an Irish passport with his name spelt in Gaelic as “O’Suilleabhain”.

While living in Ireland he was convicted of sexually assaulting two 12-year-old girls and given a suspended sentence.

He was arrested in London in June 2010 whilst living with Ministry of Justice policy manager Sarah Smith, 34, in Barnes, south-west London. They married while he was held at Wandsworth Prison, before he was granted bail.

Today his counsel Ben Brandon argued that the extradition decision could not stand because of a failure to properly consider that Sullivan was at risk of being subjected to a legal process known as “civil commitment” that violated human rights.

Mr Brandon said civil commitment involved people declared “sexually dangerous” to be confined indefinitely for treatment in secure facilities operated by the Department of Human Services in Minnesota.

Commitment usually followed a person completing a prison sentence but a conviction was not necessary for it to be imposed, argued Mr Brandon.

He told Lord Justice Moses and Mr Justice Eady: “Minnesota has never released a ’sex offender’ committed to indeterminate detention since the program began in its current form in 1988.”

It was a process alien to the European justice system and incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights.

Aaron Watkins, appearing for the US government, told the court that Sullivan did not satisfy the criteria for commitment.

He said: “On the evidence we have, there is a solid basis to say he will not be subject to civil commitment ultimately.”

Even if commitment did take place, there were sufficient safeguards in the US legal system to protect his rights, he added.

Lord Justice Moses indicated that the court had “a real anxiety” about Sullivan’s right not to be deprived of his liberty without due process under Article 5 of the European human rights convention.

He asked Mr Watkins why, if Sullivan did not satisfy the criteria, the US authorities would not give an undertaking that he would not face commitment.

Mr Watkins said the authorities were taking “a principled stance” as it was not possible to say what would be the position at the end of any prison sentence Sullivan might be required to serve.

The judge suggested that what was really important to the people of Minnesota was that Sullivan stood trial and, if he himself were a citizen, he would be “fed up about it” if the question of commitment got in the way of a trial taking place.

Mr Watkins said he had no doubt that if the High Court was sufficiently concerned about Article 5, he would “seek to revisit” the issue with the Minnesota authorities.

Later Mr Moses also asked Mr Watkins what was “going wrong” with the commitment rehabilitation programme and why no one had succeeded in winning their release.

Suggesting the evidence was, on its face, “horrific”, the judge said: “Not one case has been successful.”

He added that it was beginning to look more like the aim of the programme was: “Don’t let these people out.”

Mr Watkins said there were problems with the administering of treatment and “the unwillingness of people to participate”. But there was “a high degree of trust” in the system and the question of release was being taken seriously.

Mr Watkins also said he rejected allegations that the system was a “”fig leaf“ that allowed political capital to be made by finding a way to ensure those convicted of sexual offences were indefinitely detained.

The judges said they would give their ruling at a future date.

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#Frommer Recomend #CUNARD #Cruise Line For The Best Type Of Paedophiles To Abuse Your Kids.


There are many travel writers and journalists who are unabashed shills for the cruise industry, the Miami Herald being at the top of the list.  (The Miami Herald has not written about the Cunard child sex crimes even though Cunard is owned by Miami-based Carnival.)

But Frommer's is not in that bunch of unethical vagabonds and cruise cheerleaders.  Arthur Frommer was one of the few travel writers who congratulated the International Victims Organization for its five year struggle against the cruise industry to obtain the passage of the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act which President Obama signed into law to protect cruise passengers.  Arthur Frommer is a man of integrity, known for his straight moral compass. He is certainly not the cruise lines' bitch.

So how did Frommer's pick two Cunard cruise ships where unspeakable crimes against children occurred?  The best cruise ships for kids?  Why not just pour salt into the wounds of the parents grieving the loss of their children's innocence? Why did Frommer's include a photograph of the crime scene where Trotter abused the little innocent victims, for Christ's sake?
I'm don't know.  Perhaps someone at Frommer's can explain? ... read more

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#Johannesburg : Gang Rape Of Mentally Disturbed Girl - 7 Arrested After Video Of Rape Went Viral.

Five men and two youths have appeared in court in South Africa over a viral video which allegedly shows them gang raping a mentally-disturbed teenage girl.
The seven suspects, aged between 14 and 20, were remanded in custody yesterday after the shocking incident sparked outrage across the country.
The group were arrested when a sickening 10 minute and 33 second video clip of the unnamed 17-year-old being attacked went viral in schools and communities around Johannesburg.

Scroll down for video

The seven suspects accused of gang raping a 17-year-old Soweto girl appear at the Roodepoort Regional Court
The seven suspects accused of gang raping a 17-year-old Soweto girl appear at the Roodepoort Regional Court
Police believe the victim was abducted from her home in the township of Soweto on March 21 and gang raped by her attackers, who allegedly filmed the assault on a mobile phone.
The girl, who is said to have the mental capacity of a five year old, remained missing for three weeks before she was found on Wednesday.
By then thousands of people were believed to have watched the chilling footage of her attack on the internet or mobile phones.


The seven suspects were arrested earlier this week after they were allegedly identified from the video footage.
An eight man was due to appear in court today over the incident.
Police and prosecutors have since warned that anyone found in possession of the rape footage could face criminal charges.
National Prosecuting Authority spokesman Mthunzi Mhaga said: 'If anyone is caught with that video, viewing it or posting it on Facebook, they are committing a crime and can be charged for child pornography.'
Police believe the victim was abducted from her home in the township of Soweto (pictured) on March 21 and gang raped by her attackers
Police believe the victim was abducted from her home in the township of Soweto (pictured) on March 21 and gang raped by her attackers
The shocking attack has sparked a wave of anger and soul-searching across South Africa, where a spokesman for the cabinet described the incident as 'barbaric'.
Yesterday members of the ruling African National Congress' women's league staged a protest outside the Roodepoort Magistrates' Court in Johannesburg where the seven suspects appeared under armed guard at a hearing which was not held in public.
Crowds of local people also turned out to show their anger for the group of men, who apparently made no attempt to hide their faces in the video of the attack.
South Africa's Sowetan newspaper reported that the group faced preliminary charges of rape, rape, sexual assault, engaging in sex with a minor for a reward, using a minor to create child pornography, committing a sexual act in the presence of an adult and the creation and distribution of child pornography.


The Soweto gang rape incident comes after South Africa's police minister last year named tackling sexual crime as a leading priority for the country's force.
South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world but has seen a fall in the murder rate in recent years.
However, official crime figures showed there were a total of 56,272 rapes reported in the country last year.
The huge number amounted to an average of 154 rapes per day - or more than six every hour.
Police minister Nathi Mthethwa admitted many more sex attacks went unreported and said the country was losing its war against rape.
Johannesburg's Star newspaper yesterday captured the country's sense of shame over the attack in a front page editorial headlined 'SA's disgrace: Our barbaric monsters'.
The newspaper wrote: 'We have been united as a nation in our horror and revulsion.
'The knowledge that this latest atrocity was filmed and then passed digitally from one to another before anyone had the common decency to speak out shames us all even further.
'We are a nation of heroes; of Mandelas, Tambos, Luthulis, Bikos, De Klerks and Tutus, South Africans who won the world's praise for their courage and humanity.
'Today, though, we have tarnished their legacy - and the countless millions of decent South Africans who find this news as abhorrent as we do.
'Those who're responsible for this shameful, barbaric act must face the full wrath of the law.
'This episode must force us to take a serious look at ourselves and ask: How did we get here? How did we, as a people, raise monsters who find a joke in this repugnant act?
'Why should a girl child live perpetually in fear of what should in essence be her brothers, her keepers?'
The rape victim was today being looked after by social workers and was being subjected to a physical and mental examination by doctors.
Police confirmed they were investigating claims she could have been subjected to previous sexual assaults on several occasions since 2009.
Meanwhile, the suspects were due to return to court on Wednesday for a further hearing.
It was reported today that they faced the threat of vigilante attacks from gangs who threatened to subject them to 'necklacing', a notorious apartheid-era form of execution where a victim has a tyre doused in petrol placed around their neck and set ablaze.

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#ChildAbuseAwareness : Shedding Light on the Sexual Abuse of Boys and the Men They Become

How as a society do we create or allow sexual abuse?

There are several factors that are the basis for creating the atmosphere that allows child abuse:
• Seeing children as property: As long as they are seen and treated as possessions they are vulnerable to being objectified and used to meet an adults needs.
• Teaching children they are helpless and not to question authority: This is a set up to keep them powerless and consequently to create victims. If they see themselves as powerless children, this self-belief will often carry forward into adulthood.
• Sexual entitlement: Adults who feel that they are entitled to whatever they want or need to satisfy them sexually, regardless of whom or what it hurts. This is a rationalization that leads to abuse, rape, and other many crimes.
• Shroud of secrecy around sex: Probably the major reason that children are used to meet adults’ sexual needs is the shroud around sex and sexuality that we have created in our society. Many believe that if we teach children the truth about the mechanics of sex, we are telling them to have sex. Congress has repeatedly denied funds for a major research study on the sexuality of Americans because it doesn’t want any information published that would contradict its fantasies about sex and sexuality. Information is considered dangerous, and in a sense, it is. It destroys myths, it allows people to make choices, and permits them to grow up and act as adults rather than keep them as shameful children around sex and more

#Cruise #Curnard : Child Sex Abuse - Paul Trotter Abused No less Than 13 Children!

Newspapers in the U.K. are reporting that a former child supervisor who worked on Cunard cruise ships admitted to the police that he sexually abused children on cruise ships.
Two months ago we reported on the arrest of Paul Trotter, who worked on Cunard's Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Victoria cruise ships.  Police arrested him on allegations that he sexually assaulted a minor on a Cunard cruise ship.  Child predators of course don't abuse just one victim.  Our blog in February was entitled "Did Cunard Child Supervisor Molest Other Children During Cruises?"

Well now we know that he has admitted to sexually abusing at least thirteen (13) children between Paul Trotter - Cunard Child Sexual PredatorNovember 2007 and August 2011.  Here's the account from the Independent newspaper in London:
"A former Cunard cruise ship worker has admitted carrying out sex attacks on 13 boys while working as a supervisor for a children's activity area.

Paul Trotter, 34, pleaded guilty to a string of sexual assaults and taking, making and possessing indecent images of children, most of whom were under the age of 13 at the time.

The supervisor made films of himself abusing the children in his care on board three cruise ships, operated by Cunard. He also possessed other indecent images of children he had obtained online.

In a statement Cunard, part of the Carnival Corporation group and owners of the Costa Concordia which ran aground earlier this year, said it was "deeply shocked" by Trotter's 'appalling crimes'.

It added he had avoided detection despite a number of safeguards, including having had his criminal record checked.
Trotter, from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, appeared at Swindon Crown Court, dressed in a suit and purple more

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#HDLG #ChildAbuse :93% of the suspects were never charged. Out of 121 living suspects 8 were charged, how does that stack up.."

The Lions Sleep tonight?

Thursday 6th of January 2011, saw the final conviction(s) of the cases from “Operation Rectangle”. Anthony Jordan was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and his wife Morag Jordan was given 9 months.

Operation Rectangle, as regular readers will be aware, is/was the police investigation into Child Abuse at State run institutions in Jersey spear-headed by Lenny Harper, Graham Power and their team of dedicated professionals. After Lenny Harper’s retirement and the possibly illegal suspension of Graham Power the investigation was taken over, and some would say “sabotaged” by Mick Gradwell and David Warcup.

The Children’s Home, Haute de la Garenne became its main focus, although there were other institutions such as the Sea Cadets and Blanche Pierre where allegations of abuse were made, but curiously no charges ever brought against the suspects and this is after one of the suspects had a miraculous recovery from a terminal illness!!

We have seen, over the last couple of years, what many of us believe to be, a handful of “show trials” a few lambs fed to the lions in order to keep the statistics of convictions up. In this posting I will just concentrate on the Jordans.

The violence, pain and suffering, that these two individuals inflicted on their victims is/was heinous and inexcusable. I was present at parts of the trial so know of the violence they dished out to the very people (vulnerable children) they were supposed to “care” for….but after listening to the evidence of their victims one could not help thinking these two (the Jordans) have been made more


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#Kannur #SWASTHI :Convent Of Sex Abuse - Nun Pens Revealing Memoir

A former nun, who quit the convent complaining of sexual harassment, is all set to release her autobiography.

"All those memories of the life in convents are burning in me like embers. I know when I write it down, it will hurt many. But someone has to speak the truth," says Mary Chandy.

The 67-year-old nun left the Daughters of Presentation of Mary in the Temple (DPM) 12 years ago.

Chandy said she walked out when the Church branded her as a "misfit” after she complained against a priest who tried to rape her.

Her autobiography titled Swasthi [Hail] and published by Kairali Books in Kannur will hit the stands soon.

Chandy wants to expose the “debauchery” she witnessed in the convents during her stint as a nun through her book.

More than a decade after stepping out of the convent at Perumpunna in Peravoor in Kerala’s Kannur district, the former nun continues to live an austere life.

She resides in a rented house-cum-orphanage called Santhisadan Charitable Society at Pulpally in Wayanad district.

The orphanage houses 17 children.

Wayanad is a tribal-dominated district that relies on agriculture and has witnessed a series of suicides by debt-ridden farmers.

Chandy has been planning to write the book ever since she left the convent but could not do so as she was caught in a fight to survive.

"I am not a writer. For me it is more important to take care of the children in my orphanage," she says.

But as a “nun” she feels that she has a social commitment to talk about the corrupt practices that happen inside the convents.

The rape attempt inside the convent has left an indelible impact on Chandy.

The sexagenarian says that nuns getting “pregnant and trying to kill the newborns are commonplace in convents”.

She claims to have saved a newborn baby when the mother, a nun, tried to kill the baby by pushing it inside the tank of a toilet.

"That boy is a student who lives the life of an orphan," she said.

She feels that the life in convents in Kerala is so miserable that it is high time that priests are allowed to marry.

“If you preach celibacy, you should practice it. Otherwise leave the priesthood and lead a normal life," she says.

Unlike Sr. Jesme, who wrote about sexual abuse in her book Amen: The Autobiography Of A Nun after she left the convent, Mary wants to continue her life as a nun.

"My life has been a struggle and it has been devoted to care of orphans," she concludes.

#Vatican: Emanuela Orlandi - Rome prosecutors link Vatican cleric to 29-year mystery of missing girl

Investigators say senior Catholic has evidence about 1983 disappearance of 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi


Demonstrators in the Vatican appeal to the pope to help the family of Emanuela Orlandi get to the truth about her disappearance. There have been claims that she was interred in the tomb of a Rome gangster in a Vatican basilica. Photograph: Giuseppe Ciccia/Demotix/ Demo
The Vatican is under pressure to help resolve one of the strangest of many enigmas lingering in Italy from the cold war years.

For four years, prosecutors in Rome have been making a renewed attempt to get at the truth behind the disappearance in 1983 of Emanuela Orlandi, the 15-year-old daughter of a Vatican employee.

They are seeking to ascertain whether she was seized by a notorious band of Rome criminals, and whether this has any bearing on the fact that the leader of the gang was buried in a Vatican basilica normally reserved for cardinals and other illustrious prelates.

Last month, Walter Veltroni, a former deputy prime minister, asked the interior minister in Mario Monti's government to confirm that the basilica of Sant'Apollinare, a few yards from the Piazza Navona in central Rome, did not enjoy extra-territorial status and was thus subject to Italian law.

His question was interpreted as an attempt to clear the way for the prosecutors to order the reopening of the tomb in which gangster Enrico de Pedis has been interred since 1990.

Emanuela's body has never been found and, according to one of the many theories about her disappearance, it was laid to rest alongside that of De Pedis. But at the beginning of the month, prosecutors unexpectedly withdrew support for the exhumation while briefing Italian reporters that they believed at least one high-ranking Roman Catholic cleric had information about her disappearance.

A source close to the prosecution service was quoted as saying "behind the sacred walls, someone is still alive [and] in possession of evidential fragments of the truth". But in an interview with the daily Corriere della Sera, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re said: "If anyone on the inside had known anything, he would have said it. We were all interested in clearing [the case] up."

Her brother, Pietro Orlandi, expressed astonishment at the prosecutors' decision not to open De Pedis's tomb. "I don't understand what could have made them change their minds," he said.

According to a report in the Rome daily La Repubblica, the prosecutor leading the inquiry has visited the crypt where the gangster is buried under a marble structure copied from the tomb of a pope.

Conspiracy theorists have linked Emanuela's disappearance at a bus stop to any number of other events. She vanished as investigators were looking into the still obscure reasons for the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II, and the murky affairs of the Vatican bank after the mysterious death in London of the financier Roberto Calvi.

In 2005, attempts to solve the case were given new life when an anonymous caller rang an Italian television programme to allege that Emanuela had been kidnapped as a favour to the man who was in 1983 the vicar general of Rome, Cardinal Ugo Poletti, and that whoever sought to solve the riddle should see who was buried in the basilica of Sant'Apollinare.

Subsequently De Pedis's former lover gave prosecutors another explanation: that Emanuela had been kidnapped and murdered by the gang on the orders of Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, at that time the president of the Vatican Bank. Marcinkus died in 2006.
Last year, a former gang member offered a third version, saying the teenager had been seized and held hostage in an effort to get back money invested by its members through the Vatican bank.
Antonio Mancini said that De Pedis decided to write off the money and stop pressuring the Vatican, and claimed this was how the gangster earned his interment in one of Rome's most august places of worship.

De Pedis – nicknamed Renatino – was shot dead in an ambush in a cobbled street near the Campo de' Fiori in 1990. The moving of his body from a cemetery to the basilica of Sant'Apollinare only came to light seven years later because of investigations by a journalist.

It subsequently emerged that the move was authorised – in apparent violation of canon law – by Cardinal Poletti.
The rector of the basilica at the time, Piero Vergari, later wrote: "I never knew anything about [De Pedis's] relations with other people … He helped me a lot to prepare the soup kitchens I organised for the poor."

#Philadelphia Sex Trial On Paedophile Priests - Church Could Have Gone To The Police.

An expert on Roman Catholicism told jurors Thursday that no church law prevented the Philadelphia archdiocese from relaying to police the scores of complaints coming in about priests molesting children.
The Rev. Thomas Doyle also described internal laws that make it a church crime to harbor criminals or fail to act in certain situations.
Doyle testified for the prosecution in the novel child-endangerment trial of Monsignor William Lynn, who served as secretary for clergy in Philadelphia from 1992 to 2004.
Lynn, 61, is the first Catholic church official in the U.S. charged with child endangerment for allegedly failing to protect children from suspected priest-predators. He isn't accused of molesting children but of putting them in harm's way through his administrative decisions. He faces years in prison if convicted.
Defense lawyers argue that the Philadelphia archbishop alone determined whether accused priests could stay in ministry. Secret documents presented in court show that the late Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, who died this year, frequently signed off on such recommendations from Lynn and others.
A 2005 grand jury described harrowing accounts of child sexual abuse lodged against 63 Philadelphia priests since 1948, but none were charged because legal time limits had expired. Lynn was charged last year based on more recent complaints involving three priests and a teacher. The jury is also hearing many of the earlier complaints because Lynn worked on or knew about them.
Lynn's lawyers were expected to cross-examine Doyle later Thursday.
In direct questioning, Doyle described the reforms U.S. bishops adopted in 2002, the year the national priest-abuse scandal exploded in Boston. The bishops agreed that no U.S. priest who admitted abuse or was found guilty by church investigators could remain in any kind of ministry.
"You can't even work at a veterinary hospital," Doyle said.
In the past, those priests were often transferred to unwitting parishes, or given limited duties at old-age homes with access to parishes with schools, according to church documents entered as trial evidence. The church thereby supplied them with new victims, prosecutors argue.
Doyle, describing the power the Catholic church vests in its priests, told jurors they are seen as "representatives of Christ on earth" and "gatekeepers" for one's entrance to heaven. Presumably, prosecutors hoped to explain why some accusers waited years or decades to file complaints.
In a rare moment of levity in the somber trial, Doyle was asked to explain what Catholics mean by the term "limbo," long viewed as a temporary station between heaven and hell.
"The best definition I can think of is ... a minimum-security hell," he said.
The trial is expected to last several months.

Read more here:

#Sandusky Paedophile :Judge refuses to throw out child sex abuse charges against former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky

A judge has refused to throw out child sex abuse charges against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

Judge John Cleland rejected an argument by Sandusky's lawyer that the statute of limitations may have run out for eight of the 10 alleged victims.

Cleland also rejected defense motions that some of the charges against Sandusky were not specific enough and that evidence was lacking in others. But the judge said Thursday that Sandusky can make those arguments again before a June trial.

Sandusky is charged with more than 50 criminal counts that allege sexual abuse of 10 boys over 15 years. He has denied the accusations.

Monday, April 9, 2012

#OpLithChild: Pedophile politicians & judges, murder & a child to be returned to the mother who pimped her

This story envelopes a dysfunctional family living within in a devastatingly broken system — the  mother accused of selling her daughter to a pedophile ring of high ranking authorities, including judges and politicians. The videos are unsettling, the transcripts of the investigation will make you angry. The murders will make your imagination go wild. The activism, will amaze you. Many factors played a role in uniting a country, demanding justice. Those cries for justice have gone unheard.

In a nutshell:  A girl just three years old was pimped out by her own mother to three adult men; for 4,000 Euros per month. Those three men are high ranking members of the Lithuanian Government. Most of the key figures in this story are dead — murdered — with the exception of the mother, and the court is trying to force the child to live with her again — this child is the last breathing witness.

To turn this injustice around, we need your help; Welcome to more of this harrowing story and then PLEASE PLEASE sign the petition . Thank-you

Sunday, April 1, 2012