Sunday, February 19, 2012

#GUERNSY : Soft On Paedophilia - GUERNSEY’S Court of Appeal has again reduced the sentences handed out to two local men convicted of paedophile-related offences.

Unlike the earlier – and more significant – cuts the same court applied last summer to former hotel manager Mark Gunter’s jail term, the seven judges have not explained why they believe men who seek out vilely indecent images of children deserve a softer sentence.
They may do so in a written judgement and the panel of seven may also take steps to clarify what sentencing options local courts actually have in the wake of the Gunter case, which dropped a 15-month term to just three.
From yesterday’s outcome, that is likely to be along the lines of saying Guernsey can have a deterrent sentencing policy – as long as it’s not too painful for the perpetrators.
If so, and with respect to the court, that is not good enough.
As an appeal judge, the Bailiff has already drawn attention to the public outcry that greeted Gunter virtually being let off for a crime many here view as being at the top end of the spectrum of awfulness.
Three months for looking at small children being maimed, tortured and abused in the most sexually depraved fashion but mega years for a bit of spliff…
It makes no sense even to those who rightly condemn all forms of drug use.
The Guernsey Court of Appeal will come to what conclusions it will in line with the more