Thursday, March 8, 2012

#Belfast #Lisburn : Child Abuse Secrets Uncovered


Abuse allegations against two children’s hospitals kept secret from the public have been exposed by the Irish News.

The paper obtained a copy of an unpublished report from 2009, which details claims that occurred at the Lissue hospital in Lisburn and Forster Green in Belfast in the 1980s and 1990s.

Three allegations were made against members of staff over claims that girls aged between eight and 13 were abused.

The report, which was completed in January 2009 by health consultant Bob Stinson, said that two of the allegations were referred to police. However a third claim was not followed up as it was made some years after the alleged incident.

It also made reference to incidents where children were forced to undress in front of staff. In 14 cases children were abused by other youngsters.

Staff also allegedly used humiliation to punish wrongdoing. Mr Stinson described these as ‘one of the most disturbing elements of the review’.

Stormont Health Committee chair Michelle Gildrenew has raised concerns about the secrecy of the report.

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