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#Pakistan Child Grooming (2004) : The #Labour Party Pulled The Documentary Due To Be Aired So As NOT To Lose Votes ! !

Edge of the City - Moslem grooming of children and the murder of Charlene Downes chopped to pieces. Documentray pulled , the Labour party feared they would lose votes to the BNP! 

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This controversial documentary was due to be broadcast by Channel 4 on 26 August 2004, but was pulled at the last minute due to political reasons after pressure from the then Labour government. No doubt the material contained within the video made uncomfortable viewing for politicians as this video preview shows, it lays bare the extent of the problem with Pakistani communities and child grooming. The BNP described the video as a "political broadcast" for the party and it certainly would of increased BNP votes had it been aired.

Below is the original text provided by Channel 4 explaining the documentary, this has also been removed from Channel 4's website, but I managed to get a copy:

Focusing on Bradford, Edge of the City provides a snapshot of the darker side of city life in Britain. It meets people who have a great - and often costly - dependency on the state, and the social workers who pick up the pieces.

An explosive area of child abuse called 'grooming' is increasingly worrying these social workers. Asian men have been targeting young white girls - one as young as 11 - for a life of sexual and drug abuse. The programme follows the stories of two mothers who are desperately trying to track down information on the groomers.

Mathew's family are also at the end of their tether. At just 17 he had 96 convictions, the first of which he received when he was only 10. On release from a detention centre, he is assigned to Omar - a British Muslim whose role is to keep this underprivileged white youth out of trouble. But will Mathew be able to avoid re-offending?

The programme also meets Caroline and Keith, a physically disabled couple in their 40s, and spirited 81-year-old Eric Robinson. As vulnerable adults they belong to one of the fastest growing areas of social work.

Note: At
8:03 in the video you see a message about "Funny Boyz" takeaway and the murder of a young girl. The girl was in fact 14 year old school girl Charlene Downes who disappeared from Blackpool in 1998. Her photo appears in the video.

Iyad Albattikhi (Iranian immigrant) 28, who ran the Funny Boyz takeaway in Blackpool, was charged with her murder. The co-owner of the business Mohammed Raveshi (Jordanian immigrant), a 49 year old former social services worker and foster father, was also charged with assisting in the disposal of her body, which has never been found.

Police bugged the flat and car of Raveshi and overheard Albattikhi bragging about having sex with Charlene and then killing her, and gruesomely he joked about grinding her remains into food served at the takeaway.

"Prosecutor Tim Holroyde QC said: "He and others present were laughingly saying that Charlene had gone into the kebabs." Mr Holroyde said Albattikhi admitted on tape: "I killed her. I was just angry. There is nothing left of her."

Both men eventually walked free from court despite over 2,400 hours of police work transcripting the covet recordings of both men admitting the murder and disposal of the body, the Crown Prosecution Service said they didn't have enough evidence.

As expected there has been a media blackout on this story with very little coverage. This surely serves as a warning to young girls to keep well clear of Asian men and for their parents to be mindful of where children are going and who they are hanging around with.