Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sandusky Trial : The Legal Lady Weighs In On How She Thinks The Trial Will Play Out.

Utter the words Jerry Sandusky today and the image that comes to mind for most is that of a heinous monster accused of using his position of power to take advantage of vulnerable young boys, molesting them and stealing their innocence. Yet, just a year ago that same name conjured up images of a revered figure who helped Joe Paterno catapult the Penn State football team to success and a generous man who devoted his time and energy to helping at-risk youth through his Second Mile foundation. The stark contrast between these two Sandusky’s is what jurors in his sexual abuse trial will have to grapple with; which one is he?

The prosecution must prove not only is Jerry Sandusky capable of these crimes, but that he committed these crimes. All the defense must do is convince the jury this isn’t the type of man who could do this. From a distance this case seems like a slam-dunk for the prosecution. There are ten different alleged victims. There’s an independent witness, football assistant Mike McQueary. Yet, take a closer look at Centre County, Pennsylvania, a place so intertwined with Penn State that prosecutors asked the judge to select jurors from another county, and you’ll see that trying to convince a jury that Sandusky is a monster and not their beloved idol, won’t be an easy task...read more