Monday, April 9, 2012

#OpLithChild: Pedophile politicians & judges, murder & a child to be returned to the mother who pimped her

This story envelopes a dysfunctional family living within in a devastatingly broken system — the  mother accused of selling her daughter to a pedophile ring of high ranking authorities, including judges and politicians. The videos are unsettling, the transcripts of the investigation will make you angry. The murders will make your imagination go wild. The activism, will amaze you. Many factors played a role in uniting a country, demanding justice. Those cries for justice have gone unheard.

In a nutshell:  A girl just three years old was pimped out by her own mother to three adult men; for 4,000 Euros per month. Those three men are high ranking members of the Lithuanian Government. Most of the key figures in this story are dead — murdered — with the exception of the mother, and the court is trying to force the child to live with her again — this child is the last breathing witness.

To turn this injustice around, we need your help; Welcome to more of this harrowing story and then PLEASE PLEASE sign the petition . Thank-you